Seth Pixton

How long have you attended Mission Point?

Since 2014


Enneagram:  1 with a 9 wing
Myers-Briggs: INTP


I grew up in NE Ohio before coming to the Warsaw area to attend Grace College. I am one of seven brothers in my family. We are spread across the country now but I live in Warsaw along with my youngest brother Noah. I am married to my wonderful wife Amy and we have four usually delightful children: Londyn, Jordyn, Finley and Kaladen.


I prefer watching professional disc golf tournaments over other sports so that probably says a lot about my fandom status. I enjoy playing disc golf, of course, as well as running on the trails and lifting weights. My favorite book series is the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson. 

Favorite Food

 I love a really good cream cheese bagel and coffee. I am not much of a sweets person but I am a sucker for anything involving pie crust or cheesecake.

Favorite things about Kosciusko County?

 This area has an incredible community.  


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Michael Poorman

Executive Pastor

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