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Sun, Mar 12, 2023

Say Something, Part One: Being Present, Speaking Up

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Colossians 4 by Jeff Gill
Showing the love of Jesus creates the context for sharing the message of Jesus with those who need to know Him.
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Colossians 4
  1. What stood out most from the talk/text?
  2. What are ways that you show and share the love of Jesus?
  3. Do you find it more challenging to show or share the love of Jesus?
  4. We are challenged to “devote ourselves to prayer”. Is this easy or hard for you?
  5. We are to “be wise in the way we live before non-Christians.” Is it difficult for you to do this in some circumstances and situations?
  6. Paul exhorts us to “provide seasoning with our speech”. How do you try to do this?
  7. How can we pray for you this week? 

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