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Sun, Mar 05, 2023

Mindfield - Week 4: Team War

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Exodus 17:8 by Drew Flamm
Exodus 17:15-16 Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner. 16 He said, “Because hands were lifted up against[a] the throne of the Lord,[b] the Lord will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.”

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Exodus 17: 8 - 16

1. What stood out most from the talk/text?

2. Have you ever considered that the Christian life requires spiritual warfare?

3. Who is a part of your team, helping you fight spiritual battles?

4. How are you looking to be an "Aaron or Hur" for others in their spiritual battles?

5. How does the hope of the gospel and the assurance of Christ's victory shape your view of daily life?

6. How can we pray for you this week?

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