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Sun, Nov 05, 2023

Generosity Reframed - Week 4: Plan to Prosper

by Kondo Simfukwe
Plan to Prosper
  1. What stood out most from the talk/text(s)? 
  2. Do you (truly) believe that Jesus is for your abundance? If so, to what area of your life does that apply (spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, relational….)? 
  3. Can we take a moment to practice perspective? Name one way in which you have seen God’s generosity towards you in the last 2 weeks (do not have to be specific). 
  4. Have you had an opportunity to bring a smile, meet a need or make Jesus known through an act of generosity this week? 
  5. What should ultimately motivate your generosity? 
  6. Will you accept the challenge to try generosity….to “test God” in this matter? 
  7. How can we pray for you?

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