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Sun, Sep 03, 2023

Busy Jesus - Week 2: Living on Purpose

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by Jeff Gill
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Luke 4:14-22

Living on Purpose

  1. Are you sensitive to the presence and prompting of the Holy Spirit in your life?
  2. What are ways you have experienced the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in you?
  3. The purpose and mission of our Lord’s earthly life focused on people who were needy and lost. Do you think this is part of the life purpose of all Christians?
  4. What are distractions and temptations that take us away from a compassionate heart for the needy and lost?
  5. Jesus fully embraced his purpose, which for Him included suffering and crucifixion. Can you share examples when living out your purpose has been difficult and painful?
  6. How can we pray for you?

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