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A Fulfilled Christmas
Sun, Dec 05, 2021
Jeff Gill
Christmas is a beautiful reminder that though it might take a while, God will always do exactly what He says. Join us for Part 1 of our series, A Fulfilled Christmas.
Full Circle
Sun, Nov 28, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
Is the best and richest of your praise reserved for God? What gets your loudest cheers? Tune in to Part 4 of our Full Circle series.
Full Circle
Sun, Nov 21, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
Sharing the love of Jesus can be a lot simpler than we sometimes think. Listen in as we hear about a man who kept it simple when telling people about what Jesus had done for him and how we can do the same.
Full Circle
Sun, Nov 14, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
The good news doesn’t just change our relationship with God, but it changes how we think and act towards each other, too. Listen in as we continue looking at 2 Corinthians 5!
Full Circle
Sun, Nov 07, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
Forgiveness of ALL your sins! Jesus gives us so much hope to celebrate and share! Tune in to week one of our Full Circle series.

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