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Play for Peace
Sun, Jan 16, 2022
Drew Flamm
The Right Places and the Right People promote your peace. Do know what the “right places” are for you? Do you know who are your “right” people? Tune into part 2 of our series, Play For Peace.
Play for Peace
Sun, Jan 09, 2022
Kondo Simfukwe
What is replaying in YOUR mind? Is there a chance that what you are replaying is not yours, but God’s to hold? Give it to Him. PEACE is your promise and your portion! Tune in to Part 1 of our series Play for Peace.
A Fulfilled Christmas
Sun, Dec 26, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
The Christmas story isn't quite what we've made it be. The Biblical Christmas was a messy situation, but the very circumstances God used to fulfill His promised Hope for the world. He can redeem and fulfill our messy stories this Christmas!
A Fulfilled Christmas
Sun, Dec 19, 2021
Jeff Gill
What do you call it when someone is perpetually positive? Being optimistic? Being naive? What about confident in the HOPE of Jesus? Tune in to part 3 of our series, A Fulfilled Christmas.
A Fulfilled Christmas
Sun, Dec 12, 2021
Kondo Simfukwe
Savior. Supplier. Satisfier. Jesus is ready to be all of these and more for you this Christmas season.

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