Kyle Brenneman
Worship Pastor

How long have you attended and/or worked at Mission Point?

Since the summer of 2018


Enneagram: 1

Myers Briggs: ESTJ

Strengths Finder: Belief, Achiever, Restorative, Learner, Responsibility


I grew up in Ohio and went to Huntington University. After graduating with a degree in Worship Leadership, came to Grace for seminary and have lived in Winona since. My wife, Emily, and I have four kids: Asher, Eden, Dallas, and Owen. 


I really enjoy playing music, playing with my kids, traveling with Emily, mountain biking, playing sports, and cooking. When it comes to being a sports fan, I cheer for Ohio State and suffer through being a Cleveland fan. And my favorite author is C.S. Lewis. 

Favorite Food

Coffee, ribs, jalapeno poppers, chips & salsa, ice cream, Sour Patch Kids.

Anything unique or interesting about you that most people may not know?

As a kid, I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a year.


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