Kondo Simfukwe
Preaching Pastor

How long have you attended and/or worked at Mission Point?

12 Years


Enneagram: 5

Myers Briggs: INFP

Strength Finders: Ideation, Strategic, Developer, Adaptability, Connectedness


Elementary school in Zambia. High School in Australia. College in Indiana. Husband of one and dad of 5 living in Warsaw, IN.


Word Games. Tennis. Running the Winona Trails. 

Favorite Food

Sushi, Indian, Coffee and Snickers. 

Favorite things about Kosciusko County?

Winona Lake Trails


Michael Poorman Michael Poorman

Michael Poorman

Executive Pastor

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Executive Advisory Council

Michael Poorman - Chairman
Doug Baumgardner
Brad Gutwein
Jeri Purdy
Kondo Simfukwe
Emily Watson