Kearstin Criswell
Mission Coordinator

How long have you attended and/or worked at Mission Point?

Attended: 12 years Worked: Since Oct. 2021


Enneagram: 6

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ

Strength Finders: Command, Strategic, Relator, Significance, Individualization


I grew up in a small town called Pittsboro, IN. I graduated from Huntington University with a double major in Youth Ministry and Recreation/Sports Management. I have two sisters, two brother-in-law’s, 2 nieces, 1 nephew (and many honorary nieces/nephews).


Any books/podcasts from Jon Mark Comer, traveling the world solo, being an auntie, Harry Potter, making my own coffee.

Favorite Food/Snacks

Banana Lara Bars, iced coffee, green apples.

Favorite things about Kosciusko County?

This community is generous and always on the lookout for ways to give back--it's contagious!

Anything unique or interesting about you that most people may not know?

I'm a foster mama. I made zero points in my 8th grade basketball career. Some of my honorary nieces/nephews call me Tookie.


Michael Poorman Michael Poorman

Michael Poorman

Executive Pastor

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