“We’re not all called to the same thing, but we’re all capable of something”
-Jason Johnson, Christian Alliance for Orphans

It Counts! We believe that each of us has a role to play in the life of a vulnerable child. We may not all step into foster care or adoption, but we can all play a part and that part COUNTS! 

We are committed to giving on-ramps for our church family to show and share the love of Jesus to at-risk kids and their families in sustainable ways through our Family Advocate Ministry or FAM. Meeting tangible needs, providing wrap-around support to families, dropping off meals, and taking the next steps in considering foster care and adoption, are several of the on-ramps provided through FAM.


Are you an adoptive family or interested in adoption? Are you a foster family or interested in fostering?
Are you looking for ways to connect to others on these topics or to find how you can play apart?