Emily Hoover
Welcome Coordinator

How long have you attended and/or worked at Mission Point?

Attended Since August 2010. Worked at MP since August 2011.


Enneagram: 1 with a 2 wing

Myers-Briggs: ISFJ

Strength Finders: Responsibility, Maximizer, Context, Strategic, Individualization 


Spent most of my growing up in Syracuse, NY. Have a Communication Studies degree with a minor in Christian Education from Taylor University. Live with my husband Jon, two sons Alex and Bennett and dog Otto. 


Love catching up with friends over a cup of tea, reading historical fiction, biographies or ministry books. Spend most of my free time watching my husband coach or my boys play sports. 

Favorite Food

Any treat that is gluten free (particularly if there is chocolate involved) is a win for me! In the summer I love a good half & half McAllister's tea. In the winter I enjoy Earl Grey tea (decaf if after 2pm...I'm getting too old for caffeine!)

Favorite things about Kosciusko County?

I appreciate knowing people from various sectors of the community. I love the beauty of the lakes and Winona's village. Having the friendliness of a small community but with so many spiritual, musical, athletic or interpersonal opportunities at our disposal is a huge blessing! 

Anything unique or interesting about you that most people may not know?

I'm an extroverted introvert! I definitely love being with people...and appreciate down time to recharge.


Michael Poorman Michael Poorman

Michael Poorman

Executive Pastor

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