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What’s It Like?

Mission Point strives to be one of the best places to work! We try to create a staff culture that is healthy, fun, encouraging, and fulfilling. 

For even more clarity, feel free to browse our 7 Staff Values.

  1. HONOR: ​Go out of our way to respect and celebrate each other publicly and privately.

  2. HONESTY: ​Gently and kindly offer input that helps teammates soar.

  3. HUMILITY: ​Seek out and receive input as a means of growth.

  4. HUMOR: ​Laugh at ourselves and make someone else laugh as much as possible.

  5. HONE: ​Work to become and make things better.

  6. HELP: ​Go beyond our scope to make others’ work lighter and more fun.

  7. HEALTH: ​Commit to pursuing spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational health.