Brad Gutwein

How long have you attended Mission Point?

9 years


Enneagram: 9 wing 8 - The Advisor


Grew up in Mexico - parents were Bible translators with New Tribes Mission. Graduated from Grace College and have lived in Warsaw since. My wife Corri and I have 4 boys which keep us busy!


Anything outdoors/nature related - hiking, mountain biking etc; Love time with my boys and Corri and keeping up with them. Technology in general, Star Wars and travelling to new places. 

Favorite Food

Lasagna for sure, cookie dough ice cream and tortas from Mexico when I can get them.

Favorite things about Kosciusko County?

The friendly community, good friendships and overall desire to help everyone grow and learn together. Lakes are fun in the summer and most of my family is here as well.

Anything unique or interesting about you that most people may not know?

My most traumatic injury happened in 6th grade in the mountains of Mexico. A branch broke and I fell 20+ feet from a tree and snapped my femur. I had to be carried via cot 3 hours up the side of a mountain to the nearest airstrip the next morning so I could get to a hospital in the main city. 


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Michael Poorman

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