Zoo Tokens, Ice Cream, and Lots of Generosity

When the ratio is 60 kids to 6 adults, the odds are not in sanity’s favor. When the ratio is 60 kids sitting on the edge of their seats to see who is going to get ice cream first after waiting 65 minutes knowing it was almost time, to 6 adults, chaos reigns supreme. But Sunday morning, as our PreK and Elementary classes celebrated several months of generous living, the hum and buzz of excited kiddos was a fantastic worshipful cacophony.

Last year, KidzPoint lost a huge asset when Scott and Jodi Feather, and their kids Raylee and Camden, moved to Pennsylvania so that Scott could work for CPR-3, a relief organization that supports local churches in Haiti. We’ve missed the Feathers and their impact in KidzPoint, so this February I challenged our PreK and Elementary kids to raise $200 to help send the Feather family to Haiti this summer. Just to make it a little more fun, I offered an ice cream party if we met our goal, with the promise that if the boys raised more money than the girls, I’d actually let them go through the ice cream line first (abandoning chivalry is a good bargaining tool when chocolate syrup is involved!).

Given the number of Sundays we were snowed out, and the mean income of an 8 year old being about $1.50 in allowance per week, $200 seemed like a daunting goal. But in no time at all, our KidzPoint crew showed me just how serious they were about being generous! Each month we learned a little bit more about the people of Haiti, and how much they needed clean water and Jesus, and each week more and more money came in.

And more than just money filled our offering jugs. We received laser tag and zoo tokens, souvenir smashed pennies, and a great collection of foreign coins. Now this may not seem like much, but to an 8 year old, tokens and coins of any type are prized possessions. And like the widow that gave her last mite, these kids gave everything they had to help see the gospel furthered in Haiti.

In the end, they raised just over $293 dollars – time and a half what I had challenged them to give. The blind faith and generosity required to see a need, and give as much as possible to see that need filled baffles me. What would the Feathers do with a laser tag token? I’m not really sure, but a little boy had it to give, and it might help, so give he did. Couldn’t we all do to be a little more like that?

So we celebrated generosity and God’s wonderful provision with lots of sticky, creamy sugar. And the boys – who scraped out a $7 dollar lead in the last two weeks – got to eat first.

Written by Carly Morales, KidzPoint Director

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