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Wonderville Preschool Coordinator


The Wonderville Preschool Coordinator is responsible to oversee the weekly ministry to children ages 3-5. That role is accomplished by recruiting and equipping volunteers, as well as preparing lessons and activity materials.


  • Preparing the Lesson Plans and Supplies – The Coordinator downloads the weekly lesson outline from our curriculum subscription. The subscription provides a monthly theme, graphics, cue cards to send home to parents, verses, activities and lesson plans. The Coordinator is responsible to edit the lessons for each classroom as well as organize the supplies needed for each class so rooms are prepared on Sunday mornings.
  • Communication – The Coordinator is responsible to communicate the lesson plan for the week with the team of volunteers. The Coordinator is also responsible to communicate monthly themes, classroom modifications and volunteer needs to the Director of Children’s Ministry for communication to parents.
  • Sunday Morning Management – On Sundays, the Coordinator is responsible to instill confidence and calm in volunteers and parents by connecting with them and being available to answer questions and problem-solve. With the strategic organization of other Children’s Ministry staff, the Coordinator is encouraged to attend one worship service. The Coordinator would then work with the Assistant to get the classrooms ready for tear down after the last service.
  • Volunteer Management – In each Children’s Ministry session the Coordinator helps to recruit, train, and care for our team of volunteers. The Coordinator provides timely communication to let volunteers know what to expect week to week. The Coordinator also works to manage the schedule and substitutions as needed.
  • Office and Staff Time – The Coordinator is expected to be in the office 5 hours a week in a consistent rhythm agreed upon with the Director of Children’s Ministry. This time will include regular check-ins with the Director of Children’s Ministry (weekly or bi-weekly) and can include Sunday lesson preparations. The Coordinator will also participate in the Children’s Ministry staff huddle via email every Sunday afternoon.
  • One Such Child Ministry – The Coordinator is asked to be present at the One Such Child gathering one Sunday every other month.



  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to serve in ministry.
  • Committed member of the MP Church Family.


  • Strengths and experience in communication and administration.
  • Strengths in interpersonal interaction.
  • Bachelor Degree


  • The Wonderville Coordinator reports to the Director of Children’s Ministry.


The Wonderville Coordinator is a part-time position of 10 hours weekly.

Interested candidates are invited to send a cover letter and resume to:

Jennifer Nier, Director of Children’s Ministry
Mission Point Community Church
P.O. Box 395
Winona Lake, IN 46590