Who Is Ready To Swim?

Can I just say, I love our church.


It’s a place filled with amazing people that take following Jesus to heart. I find myself continually grateful for the privilege it is to be a part of such a special community.

As we approach our LoveOps event on Tuesday evening, I’m already hearing of an incredible anticipation to engage with the needs of foster care in our county. We haven’t even started and you people are already excited. I love it.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with our Coordinator of Mission, Jamie Koser, and the Management Team of DCS (Department of Child Services) for Kosciusko County. We simply approached DCS to ask how Mission Point could help meet the needs of the foster care community in our county. Together we dreamed up ways to better serve children in our community who are currently in crisis. Everything these children know has been taken from them. In the midst of a painfully difficult time, they need people to step up on their behalf.

Church, we want to be the people who answer this call. And I believe this is not just for a select group. There is room at the table for everyone.

When it came to foster care, I used to be one of the people who would think “I could never do that, I’d get too attached.” I’ve learned two things through my family’s journey into fostering.

First, that fear, of it being hard and getting too attached… That is a valid fear. It’s also the barometer that tells you, you are doing it right.

These children deserve that kind of love. The love that pours out unconditionally over them and regardless of their condition or behavior keeps coming back with more. It’s the only way the cycles and patterns of evil in their life can be broken. So when you hug that child one last time and you feel the tears welling up and the burning in your chest, good. I think if you could see Jesus standing next to you, you would see tears in his eyes as he whispers, “Well done my good and faithful servant. What you have done for the least of these, you have done for me.”

April_BlogSecond, I found that being involved in foster care does not require you to bring a child placement into your home. I look at it like a swimming pool where you can wade into the shallow-end and still make an incredible impact. You may find your niche and role right there in the shallow-end, and that’s great. I know a number of people who have impacted hundreds of children’s lives and they are barely ankle deep in the swimming pool.

You may find that you want to go a little deeper and there’s certainly opportunity for that too. Even if you go all the way out into the deep end and open your home to a child, you always have control. It is always an option for you to say “no” or “not this time”. My wife, Erica, and I said no to several placement opportunities. Based on ages, conditions, or circumstances, certain placements did not make sense for our family and place of life. The moment we did say “yes”, we were never alone. We had an entire community around us and people we could call on in a moments notice.

That is what we want to build at Mission Point. A community of care that holds one another up while welcoming in hurting families and children who are experiencing a crisis. This is yet another incredible opportunity to fulfill the reason we exist – inviting everyone everywhere to life in Christ.

So here’s the deal:

Tuesday, April 21st, we will gather at Lakeland from 7pm-8pm for a vision meeting. Childcare will be provided.

DCS leadership and Mission Point leadership will be there to present the need and the opportunities. You do not have to commit to anything outside of spending about an hour with us on Tuesday night.

Who knows, maybe while you are there, you may feel the urge to jump in the pool and do some swimming!?

If you have further questions feel free to contact jamie@missionpoint.net.

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