What are Connection Classes?


Have you ever felt like going to church can be a lonely experience?

People all around but no one that you feel really knows you, or would miss you if you weren’t there?

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t sure what the next step to take should be in your spiritual journey?

At Mission Point, there are some things that really matter to us.  And honestly, there are a few things that stand out above the rest.  Our desire is to see our church be a united family; people who love and care for each other well, as we share in the mission of inviting everyone everywhere into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  And equally, the Pastors and Elders at Mission Point desire to see our church family members falling more passionately in love with Jesus Christ.

Our Connection Classes are designed to help with both of these things.  First, they are about connection.  They offer a chance to get to spend a few weeks getting to know the other people who call Mission Point home.  And second, they are classes.  They offer the people at Mission Point an opportunity to grow in an area of their life and their faith.  Connection Classes.

Starting this Sunday, we are offering two classes that we’d love for you to consider.

The first, PARENTING, is being taught by Dr. Deb Musser.  Deb has so much insight into how we as Christian parents can relate to our kids, understand who they have been created by God to be, and then walk with them and guide them as they learn and grow.  We believe that family is the primary place the message of Jesus Christ gets lived out, and our desire is to be sure that our parents have the tools and knowledge they need to raise their kids in a way that reflects the truth of who Jesus has called them to be.  This class meets during the 10:40am service, and will run from April 27th, through May 25th.

Second, we are also offering OLD TESTAMENT.  Taught by Pastor Abe Hepler, this class in an overview of what the Old Testament is.  Most Christians think about the Old Testament as a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really matter, because it happened before Jesus… but what we discover about God in the Old Testament is essential for us to understand who He is and who He has called us to be as followers of Jesus.  Each week will end with a Bible Study teaching us how to connect what we find in the Old Testament with our every day lives.  This class also meets during the 10:40am service, and will run from April 27th, through May 25th.

You can still sign up for these classes by emailing info@missionpoint.net with the class that you are interested in signing up for.  Please send us an email by Wednesday afternoon, April 23rd, so that we can be sure to have the materials we need for everyone!

Come connect and learn with us!

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