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Tear-Down Facility Coordinator

The Tear-Down Facility Coordinator (TFC) assists in leading and managing the Tear-Down Team and process.


  • Arrive fifteen minutes before the volunteer team is scheduled to arrive (arrival time determined by Facilities Director)
  • Ensure carts, diagrams and trailers are in place and trailers are open and ready to load
  • Lead, encourage and work alongside the volunteer teams
  • Follow diagrams to remove MP owned equipment and replace WCHS owned equipment
  • Recruit additional volunteers as needed
  • Assist with scheduling of volunteers as needed
  • Ensure the proper care, use and storage of all MP items and equipment
  • Ensure each space is left in the proper condition according to diagrams provided
  • Immediately notify the Facilities Director with any damage made to the facility or MP items and equipment
  • Ensure the building and trailers are properly and adequately secured prior to leaving the property
  • Assist with any facility related needs during Services and Events, including  set-up/tear-down of any items or equipment; any needs on stage; snow removal, as needed


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to serve in ministry.
  • Ability to lead/encourage/motivate a team
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge/experience working with truck and trailer

The Tear-Down Facilities Coordinator reports to the Director of Facilities and Finances.


  • The TFC will work the entire tear-down process Sunday afternoon, following the second Church service
  • Typical hours will be (12:00-3:00pm), which will depend on workload and number of volunteers
  • It is desired for the TFC to work as many Sunday’s as possible. It is reasonable for the TFC to take up to one weekend a month off, if desired
  • This is a part-time position, $10-$15/hour depending on experience and qualifications

Interested candidates are invited to send a cover letter and resume to:
Josh Salsgiver, Director of Facilities & Finances
Mission Point Community Church
P.O. Box 395
Winona Lake, IN 46590