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We believe it is incredibly important to spend time with Jesus regularly, in a way that is rooted in Scripture, fueled by prayer, and ultimately glorifying to God. Here are a few helpful resources which provide guidance on how to engage spiritual disciplines in your time with God.

Here are a few resources we recommend to encourage Bible reading!

  • YouVersion Bible App: It’s easy to download on any smart phone and holds many translations of the Bible, a search bar to find specific passages, and hundreds of plans to go through as you encounter the Word of God. [Fun fact: They also have an app for kiddos!]
  • The COMA Method: This method of reading the Bible walks you through questions to ask when reading any passage of Scripture. Try going through these questions in your next devotional time!
  • RightNow Media: It’s been described as the “Netflix of Bible Studies”– complete with conference sessions, trainings, biblical children’s shows, and studies on a variety of books of the Bible and topics. If you attend Mission Point and do not have access to RightNow Media, contact our Director of Congregational Care, Olivia Burkholder at
  • The Bible Project: The Bible Project makes videos the explore books of the Bible or themes of Scripture. This can be an excellent resources to explain an overarching theme of a book before or after diving in. [We recommend their “How to Read the Bible series”!]

Here are a few Prayer resources we recommend!

  • Echo Prayer App: This app for your smartphone allows you to keep track of what you have prayed for. Enter prayer requests, change as updates arise, and receive reminders to pray throughout your day. You can also share requests with friends who have the app, and look back on prayers God has answered!
  • Sunday Prayer Meetings: On Sunday mornings at 8:30am, a group of individuals meet at Mission Point in the Connection Room to pray. This group asks the Lord to move at Mission Point– both in the Sunday services and in various specific needs in our congregation.
  • RightNow Media: There are several series on prayer on RightNow Media, which is similar to a Netflix for Bible Studies. [We recommend A Journey To Victorious Praying by Bill Thrasher or Prayer by Matt Chandler.] If you attend Mission Point and do not currently have access to RightNow Media, please contact our Director of Congregational Care, Olivia Burkholder at

There are many other spiritual disciplines to engage in time with God. Here are a few great places to start!

  • Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster: Foster explores and explains many spiritual disciplines as pathways to deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • What are Spiritual Disciplines?: Don Whitney briefly explains the importance of spiritual disciplines in promoting spiritual growth.