One Another


The Word says, “Encourage. Pray. Serve. Love.”

We sometimes hear: “Must. Try. Harder.” Or, “Should. Do. Better.”

There are said to be over 50 One Another statements in the Bible. For those of us that live and die by our to do lists, One Anothers seem to just add more “have tos” to our already long lists; and more obligation to our faith.  And yet God gave these One Anothers to us to bring us life…to bring us relief, not burden.

To us, they may seem to give us more things to be striving for, while in reality, Truth speaks over us that there’s no need to strive…we’re free to live this life by the power of Christ working in our souls.

Even if we do have a healthy view of the beauty and purposes of the One Anothers, and even if we are excited to embody these with others around us, where do we start? With whom do we one another? With our next-door neighbor? Our small group? Our list of Facebook friends? With which of the 50 plus One Another statements do we begin?

On Sunday, July 20th, women of Mission Point are invited to gather and consider just what it means to One Another as the Word directs us.

Join us as we hear from women who have experienced the blessings God intended when others have One Another-ed them. (Yes, we are making it a verb!)

Join us as we hear from women who have found delight when they have stepped out in faith and One Another-ed someone else.

Join us as we consider what it means to obey these beautiful, scriptural, One Another directives while throwing off any sense of obligation.

Join us as we explore how to give to One Another while ensuring our own tank remains full.

Join us as we laugh, snack and simply enjoy being with One Another.

See you on the 20th!


One Another will take place On Sunday, July 20th at 7pm at Mission Point. No RSVP needed.
This event is open to any woman (seniors in high school and older).
Please note, there will NOT be childcare provided for this evening.
Questions? Please contact Emily Hoover:


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