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Over the last few years we have had the privilege to partner with the leadership of five rural churches in Northern Zambia. The following information is a compilation of updates that have been received from our primary contact with these partner churches over the last few months. We are so excited about what God is doing in Zambia, Africa through the Mission Point family!

We have started evangelism in a new area about 70km from one of our existing churches, with a view to plant a new church in that area. There is a big need to train leaders to ground our young churches. This year we have sent three people to Samfya Bible School.

We really thank God for your support, which has helped us to accomplish a lot in the past years. We can boast of meeting in building with iron sheet roofs.

Thanks so much for the education project you are supporting. We have 15 children on the list; God willing two will complete their secondary school this year.*

We also started a small literature ministry, to stock up small books for our rural churches to be able to buy and use. Our rural areas are flooded with Jehovah’s Witness booklets and magazines, and a lot find their way in our people’s hands, as some cannot see the difference. Pray with us that this ministry grows.

On May 17, 2014 Mission Point hosted our 4th annual garage sale to raise funds for our global partners. We recently received word from Zambia regarding what the sale will provide to support their ministry. The following is how the funds plan to be utilized:

K13,486.00 Total (in Zambia kwancha)
3,000.00 – Literature work (mentioned above)
4,500.00 – 50 pockets of cement, to be dispersed between 3 churches
2,700.00 – Approximately 30 iron sheets for one church
1,600.00 – 2 bicycles to enable travel between churches and into villages
1,500.00 – To provide support to three Bible school students (mentioned above) graduating in October

Thank you to all who donated, volunteered and shopped in May to make this possible for our brothers and sisters in Zambia.

And from our partnership contact, “Thank you again for your continued support. I will never know how much that help continues to encourage and help the work here; may the Lord help you to continue the good work.”

*As mentioned above, we currently support the education of 15 students with profits acquired through our home décor store, Hither & Yon. While Hither & Yon is no longer an ongoing retail location, H&Y will open again at Lakeland Christian Academy on Friday, October 17th and Saturday, October 18th for a weekend home décor sale. Profits will continue to support children through education in Zambia. Stay tuned for more information about the sale details and volunteer opportunities!

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