Mission Point Spotlight: The Clowers


We’d like to introduce you to Caleb and Bobbie Clower. Caleb is originally from Georgia. Bobbie is from Indiana. They met while Caleb was serving in the military. After completing his active duty, God led them to Winona Lake to attend Grace College. They found their way to Mission Point and quickly plugged in. We recently caught up with the Clowers and asked them to share some of their experiences from serving in the Children’s Ministry. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

You have a child in Wonderville?

Caleb: Yes, our son Henry who is in the nursery.

How did you connect in KidzPoint?

Caleb: We love teaching and wanted to invest in the youth. When I was young I was hit with temptation and sin, and I just figured I could help kids if I can teach them to fight that using scripture.

You all teach together?

Caleb: Yes, we love it. We tag team at home so we might as well tag team at church!

Caleb, do you have a story that stands out to you about your time in KidzPoint? 

Caleb: A couple of weeks ago we were watching a video that quoted the memory verse we had been working on. One girl raised her hand and said, “I know that was our memory verse but I didn’t know that Jesus said that!” The verse was John 16:33, I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  Just seeing that connect with her, that Jesus had said that, just the smallest little thing but it just stood out. First I thought,  “Wow, you were paying attention” and second, “That really meant something to her that those were Jesus’ words.”

What about you, Bobbie? 

Bobbie: I really like the curriculum Mission Point uses. I feel like it’s deep but it’s explained well. It’s cool to watch the kids get it. Teaching things like, “God’s never going to leave you” and explaining His promises to connect with them. For them to understand things like, when you are having a hard day at school, He cares. It’s been cool to watch them get it on a deeper level and to know that these things are going to walk with them forever and not just be a Bible story.

Every Sunday you both come and worship one service and then you serve one service? 

Bobbie: Yes.


Bobbie: No one has the time to serve. If you are waiting for the time in your schedule when you have enough time, it’s not going to happen. You just have to do it. It won’t always necessarily be the first thing you want to do on Sunday morning, but when you get there and you see the kids, it’s worth it.

Caleb: Especially if you have your own kids, you want someone to invest in your kids. It encourages parents to know that they aren’t alone in raising their kids. And that’s what the church is – we are supposed to be a family. It encourages parents and helps them to know that we are here for each other and gives a breather for every parent.

What would you say to other parents about serving in Children’s Ministry? 

Bobbie: No excuses, just do it.

We are so grateful for the many people, just like Caleb and Bobbie, who connect at Mission Point each Sunday through worship and serving. As you run into the Clowers and any of our other volunteers around KidzPoint and Wonderville, please thank them for the ways they have been investing so faithfully in our children.

May 1st is the first Sunday of our summer trimester in Children’s Ministries. We need more parents, like the Clowers, who will join us each week to pour into the next generation. In KidzPoint, we will be introducing our summer theme “The Amazing Faith Race.” This hands-on curriculum will function in an engaging team format where kids will follow the journey of the Apostle Paul’s life and how Jesus forever changed him. In Wonderville, the summer theme will be “Creation Station.” We will be walking our little ones through a train-station themed journey of the seven days of creation. It is going to be a blast!

We would love to see parents signing up to serve, but we have spots available for anyone 12-years-old and up! There will be more information available in KidzPoint and Wonderville this coming Sunday. But why wait? Click the links below to get more information on signing up to serve this summer.

I Want to Know About Serving in KidzPoint

I Want to Know About Serving in Wonderville

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