Mission Point Spotlight: Dawnna Plummer

One of our own, Dawnna Plummer, leaves today for an amazing new adventure in her life. She is joining Destiny Rescue in Thailand to serve as a business administrator and mentor to girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Dawnna has committed to be in Thailand for a year but already feels like she may have a more extended ministry there.

We were privileged this past Sunday to pray over her in our services and commission her as she takes this assignment to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Thailand. As a church we embrace the bittersweet of sending someone we love to be away from us, knowing she is answering God’s call on her life. These moments are a fulfilling of the dream we had when we started Mission Point Community Church. That we would be a launching point in people’s stories. That we would provide a place where people could draw close to Jesus in a community that loves them, but when the time comes, that we would joyfully send some of our body to their next assignment.

The beautiful thing in Dawnna’s story is seeing how God has been preparing her for this moment her entire life. Her desire to help children in need is not something she learned at Mission Point, it’s part of her DNA. Since she was a child Dawnna befriended the outcast in school and worked to show them love and speak God’s value into their lives. When Dawnna looks back on her childhood she realizes she was blessed and can use that blessing to be a blessing to others. “Not everyone had the great life I had growing up as a kid. I never doubted that I was loved. I never doubted that my family was there for me. Not every kid has an adult they can go to when they are hurting,” said Dawnna.

During a 13 year stay in Philadelphia Dawnna worked with an inner city youth ministry. She opened her home to children and single mothers in need. Some would stay a couple of nights and some would stay a couple of years. Dawnna shifted sleeping arrangements around to make room for people which often had her sleeping on the couch while her guests had their own bedrooms. At one point there were four single mothers with nine children living under Dawnna’s roof. Her heart was broken many times as the children she loved would leave her and turn back to their previous ways but she has always been clear on her mission. Dawnna says, “If one person follows Jesus through all of this, then it has been worth it!”

When she returned to Warsaw she picked right up where she had left off in Philadelphia and connected with Baker Youth Club. She continued to open her home to kids in crisis. Then in November 2013 Dawnna took a trip to Thailand with Destiny Rescue. Her heart broke for the children there and yet she was so encouraged by the hope she saw pouring out of the girls who had been rescued. “I want to be a part of this. Helping children who are coming through such a terrible thing to learn God’s hope.”

So today, Dawnna embarks on the next chapter of following God’s calling on her life. Will you join us in continuing to pray for her?

I’d like to encourage you to also use this moment as a time of reflection for yourself. What is in your DNA that God placed there long ago, something He has specifically set aside for you to be a part of? Whether you have a clear sense of what that may or may not be, try some things. Invest your time somewhere. Volunteer for something. Commit to give a little bit to someone in need. In those simple steps, I believe that gifts and passions will begin rise to the surface for you. Who knows what adventure could be ahead for you?

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