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Joy and Peace? Hardly! For many the Christmas season is nothing more than a reminder of loss and longing. So how can the church still claim it to be the most wonderful time of the year? Truth and Hope? Nonsense! For many the Christmas story is nothing more than a make-believe fairytale for the unthinking. So, why do we still claim it to be truth you can stake your life upon?

Join us as we let the Bible defend Christmas….maybe even instill hope and return joy!

December 18th, 2016
Kondo Simfukwe | Part 3 – Get Off My Throne
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December 11th, 2016
Kondo Simfukwe | Part 2 – Disappointing Christmas
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December 4th, 2016
Kondo Simfukwe | Part 1 – Christmas At The Movies
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