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LoveOps is a strategic operation but also a beautiful opportunity for our church to share the love of Jesus in the world around us.

June 2018 – Share the Gospel. Be Hospitable.

During the month of June, we are encouraging our church family to reach out to those around them!

Here are some tangible ways YOU can REACH others by showing and sharing the love of Jesus where you work, live and play!

1. Hand out ice cold water bottles at the nearest park.

2. Watch for people walking outside in the heat and offer them a ride (if it’s a safe and appropriate context).

3. Invite new friends over for dessert.

4. Invite people who come from other cultures to help you offer a “taste of __________” evening. Organize it and help provide ingredients for preparing special dishes.

5. Volunteer with All Things New, AGIATAS, Fellowhip Missions or other Non-for-profits that are reaching out to populations that don’t hear the good news.

6. Share the Gospel with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or neighbor kids one time this week. It’s okay to keep it simple.

July 2018 – At the Fair.

Our next LoveOp will be at the Kosciusko County Community Fair July 9th-13th. We will have the opportunity to serve in the following ways:

  1. Passing out cold towels to fair staff.
  2. Offering free golf cart transportation between parking lots and the entrance.
  3. Passing out treats on Kids’ Day.

Stop by the Mission Corner on June 17th, June 24th and July 1st to sign up!

Can’t make it? You can still serve by praying for our LoveOp to show the love of Jesus to people who need it.

Questions? Contact our Mission Coordinator Jamie Koser (

What is LoveOps?

On a regular basis, Mission Point will introduce a new LoveOp. That LoveOp will provide tangible ways we as Mission Point can come together to serve those in our community and beyond our community. The hope is that at home, school, work, with your Missional Community, etc., you will find ways to intentionally engage with the LoveOp throughout the month. Our biggest encouragement is not to look at this as another thing to do, but rather an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God with the resources God has given to us.