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LoveOps are strategic operations, but also beautiful opportunities for our church to share the love of Jesus in the world around us.

February 2019 – Gift Baskets for Foster and Adoptive Families

Our February LoveOp is an operation to show care and encouragement to foster and adoptive families in beautiful, tangible ways. Join us as we prepare spectacular gift baskets for the families in our community who are loving on vulnerable kids. If you know a family who has adopted in the last year or has had a foster placement in the last three months, please nominate them here.

Want to serve? Get involved by committing to pray for specific families, donating gift cards, making meals, assembling or delivering baskets.  Click here to learn more and sign up.

Contact our Mission Coordinator,, or visit the Mission Corner on Sunday to ask questions.

What are LoveOps?

LoveOps provide tangible ways that we as Mission Point can come together to serve those in and beyond our community. We hope that you will find ways to intentionally engage with the LoveOp or LoveOp challenge throughout the month – at home, school, work, with your Missional Community, etc. LoveOps and challenges are not meant to simply be another thing to do, but rather an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God with the resources God has given to us.