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LoveOps is a strategic operation but also a beautiful opportunity for our church to share the love of Jesus in the world around us.

July 2017 LoveOps: Kosciusko County Community Fair & The Lake Games

Each LoveOp is an opportunity for us to show & share the love of Jesus with our community in real and meaningful ways. This month, we would like to be in our community during two major events in our county, the annual Fair and the Lake Games. We are eager to see how God uses this simple activity to demonstrate His love to those in our community.

Kosciusko County Community Fair

THANK YOU to those who provided golf cart shuttles between the parking lot and the front gate at the Kosciusko County Community Fair!

Lake Games

THANK YOU to those who volunteered for registration, our prayer table, clean up, children’s activities and general hospitality for the Lake Games!

Questions? Contact our Mission Coordinator Jamie Koser (

What is LoveOps?

On a regular basis, Mission Point will introduce a new LoveOp. That LoveOp will provide tangible ways we as Mission Point can come together to serve those in our community and beyond our community. The hope is that at home, school, work, with your Missional Community, etc., you will find ways to intentionally engage with the LoveOp throughout the month. Our biggest encouragement is not to look at this as another thing to do, but rather an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God with the resources God has given to us.