Here are the ways YOU can be involved!


 There are various ways you can help us, either on February 20th, in preparation for the 20th or as a service to households following the 20th. We need people to sign up to: 


 NOMINATE - Thank you to those who nominated! Nominations are now closed.

 We invite you to nominate widows/widowers and/or any families in our community you know who are adoptive families, foster families, or families with special needs children. By reaching out to adoptive, foster, special needs families and widows, we are telling them, “I see you. I see what you are doing, what you are going through, and I care about how God is using your family to bless the lives of others.” Supporting these households shows them that they matter in ways words can’t express. Simply share the appropriate form below with those you nominate to help us get to know a little about their interests and what would encourage them best. Once your nominee has submitted a completed form, we will work to pull together some of their favorite things and some gestures of care to deliver on February 20th. 

 Please contact Mission Director, Kiira Churchill, with any questions:

Showing love to the vulnerable and those caring for them in Our Community

Winter: James 1:27

Serving Local Single Parents Through Free Oil Change Services

Spring: Oil Change

Taking the Gospel to Local Neighborhoods Through Soccer.

Summer: Sports Camps

Buying Groceries Together to Restock Our Local Food Pantries.

Fall: Supermarket Sweep