It’s Friday… But Sunday’s Coming


“It’s Friday… But Sunday’s Coming!”

Growing up around the church and church people I heard this phrase often. It was something traditionally said on Good Friday. As a kid I thought, “Yep, today is Friday… and Sunday is coming in a couple of days. Thanks for the calendar update, weirdos!?”

As I got older, I began to understand the significance of this phrase.

Friday isn’t just Friday.

While Good Friday may be the starkest representation of Friday that we have, wouldn’t you agree that our life is filled with a lot of Friday’s?

For the disciples and Christ followers in the first century, Good Friday represented the day that everything fell apart. All was lost. The momentum and hope of a man, claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah who was supposed to change everything, had been executed. In his last breaths hanging on the cross, he said it himself, “It is finished.”

Even though Jesus told his followers that this day was coming, there are no recorded stories of anyone feeling “good” about Friday.

They betrayed.
They denied.
They mourned.
They fled.
They hid.

They did just about everything BUT feel good about Friday and their circumstances.

You and I have our Friday’s, too.

Friday is the phone call from the doctor. Friday is the news that you have lost your job. Friday is the fight that you and your spouse are having again. It’s the investment gone bad. It’s the betrayal of a friend. It’s the realization that he’s cheating on you. It’s the news that the baby isn’t going to make it. It’s the headlines coming out of Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, or fill in the blank. Friday is the loss of someone dear. Friday is the update that the cancer is back.

Friday is the day that it all falls apart and all hope is lost.

We all have Friday’s.

But as the saying goes, “Sunday’s coming!”

While Christ’s followers lived through the horror of Good Friday and responded in the ways that I’m sure I would have too, Jesus maintained his resolve. He stopped his disciples from fighting off his accusers and willingly turned himself over to the authorities. He stood trial and refused to defend himself. He submitted to merciless beatings. He hung on the cross with criminals while being mocked by the crowd. “If you are God, save yourself! Come down off the cross!” Instead, he gave up his life as he uttered the words, “It is finished.”

Jesus completed the excruciating and painful task of giving up his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. It was his faith and belief in his heavenly Father, that gave him the grace and peace to submit to Friday. While death had seemingly won, Jesus knew better. When he said, “It is finished” it wasn’t meant to be a statement of concession. It was a declaration that a new day was on the way.

Friday is finished.

Sunday is coming.

Death will be shattered. Hope will be restored. Redemption is coming. But first, we must live through the darkness and seeming hopelessness of Friday. However, we have the great benefit of knowing the rest of the story. Unlike the first century disciples, we can face Friday with confidence that Sunday is coming. A new day. The day where the tomb will be found empty. The day where sin and death lose their sting.

S.M. Lockridge was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, CA from 1953 to 1993. Below is an excerpt from his “It’s Friday… But Sunday is Coming!” sermon. As you watch and listen, think about Good Friday from the disciples perspective. Think about your “Friday’s” and the weight, fear, or doubt you may be carrying. Think about Jesus and his faith that carried him to the cross.

No matter what you are facing, ask God to give you the faith you need to celebrate and claim victory in him… and don’t forget, Sunday is coming.



We are so excited to gather together on Sunday and celebrate the Risen Savior!

Below are some passages of Scripture we would invite you to consider reading as you process Good Friday and prepare your heart for Resurrection Sunday.

Do you know someone who is going through a season of “Fridays” right now? Can you think of a friend who could use a dose of hope? This would be a great Sunday to invite them to join you for church. We will be meeting at our normal times: 9am and 10:40am

Isaiah 53:3-9
Matthew 27:11-65
1 Peter 2:24
John 3:16-17