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Grief group

Grief is a part of life in this broken world. We experience grief in various forms, from the loss of a loved one, to a broken relationship, to the loss of a dream. Sadly, grief is not something we talk about much in our modern culture. There is beauty in coming alongside one another, acknowledging the raw realities of hurt and disappointment, and mourning with those who mourn.

Whether you find yourself currently in a season of grief, you find yourself journeying with someone who is processing a difficult loss, or you are simply curious about what grief and loving others well looks like, we invite you to join us for this 4-week journey.

We will be hearing from people in our own congregation about what has brought them hope and encouragement. We will discuss how to be present and offer meaningful care to someone who is grieving. And we will honestly discuss the tension between the hope we have in Jesus and yet the grief that sometimes does not go away on this side of heaven. We hope you will join us!

This Group will meet during the 10:45 service from May 5 – June 2, with no gathering on Memorial Day Weekend. Register here.