Free Oil Change for Single Moms


It’s hard to believe this is round FOUR of our Free Oil Change for Single Moms! When I think back about how the Lord has used this event, I’m thrilled (and in awe) that He would use us! Four summers ago I was in my senior year of college. A girl I met that year, who quickly became my friend, shared with me about a summer internship at an inner-city church in Denver, Colorado she’d done the previous year. She told me how she gathered oil and filter donations from local garages and made a call to church and community members asking for mechanically inclined people. Moms showed up, volunteers showed up and single moms felt welcomed into the church and noticed…not judged or criticized.

I loved it.

The whole thing.

It made SO much sense.

It reached people I’d never seen reached intentionally in a church before and I decided I would volunteer to organize the event at Mission Point.

Four summers later, we are still at it! We’re inviting 20-30 single moms to bring their car to Global Auto on August 9, sit in the lobby, talk with some nice people, and wait for some very gifted volunteers from Mission Point to change the oil in their car and give it an inspection for free. It’s simple, doesn’t take much time, but communicates love, acceptance, and care.

If you’re interested in serving for this event, here’s how you can help:

1. We need people who know how to change the oil in a car and take a general look at the underbelly to make sure things look safe. We need 15 of these people (minimum). If you can help email Jamie Koser.

2. We also have a small amount of openings left for single moms to get their oil changed. If you know a single mom needing her oil changed, send Jamie an email by Wednesday, July 23, with the following information—> single mom’s name and telephone number, car make, model, year, and engine size. First come, first serve, so get this info in SOON.

Our desire at Mission Point is to invite everyone everywhere to life in Christ. Often times the richest opportunities to live out our mission is when we connect with loving our neighbors in the day-to-day. People will never care about what we believe until they believe that we care. The Oil Change is a simple opportunity to do just that – show our community that we care. We hope that you can help us to make this opportunity a success!

This post was written by Mission Point’s Missions Coordinator, Jamie Koser. You can contact Jamie by emailing her at

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