Celebrating 2014


Well, there it goes: our 4th year of ministry in the books. Unbelievable!

When this church launched, we were haunted by a dream. The dream? That armed with the Gospel, a few simple people in a small, simple town could turn a big, broken world upside down. We dreamed of lives transformed from death to life. We dreamed of souls transferred from darkness to light. We dreamed of the hungry fed in mass. We dreamed of orphans brought home in droves. We dreamed of being an extension of Jesus Christ living to extend His invitation to all.

As we flip through the 2014 Mission Point Family-Ministry Album (Click all the links below!), we cannot help but marvel at the ways The DreamGiver has allowed us to live that dream. We are humbled by the ways Christ has let us play part in His big-world-turning; broken-world-mending project. We are thankful for the many ways He has grown our family and its reach.

Here are just a few highlights.

This year, we’ve been able to see our leadership team grow. We are in the process of (Lord willing) adding 3 more men to the eldership team. We have also been thrilled to see Matt Deuel join the staff as our Executive Director.

In January, we launched a video ministry that has allowed us to capture and share our Sunday services with people around the world. From Zambia to Haiti; Australia to Thailand, it is humbling to hear stories from the places our church is now reaching and impacting through this ministry.

We got to add a 3rd service to not only accommodate our growth, but to intentionally make more room for the thousands in our county who we know The Lord has called us to invite to Himself. To see our volunteers gladly put in extra hours to make extra room for the un-included in our community has been amazing!

This year, we got to celebrate with a number of families as they gave children, alone and abandoned, a place to call home and a family to call their own. We love that The Lord has given our church opportunities to show off His Champion-Father heart through adoption and foster care.

But our church has also been privileged to take His love beyond the walls of its home.

This summer our church family rallied together to serve and share meals with fair workers, most of whom are thousands of miles away from home and haven’t had a home-cooked meal in months. To see our family generously take the risk to sit with strangers simply to help make them feel at home was just beautiful.

In August, we were inspired by an army of our men and women who volunteered a Saturday morning to put on an Oil-Change for single moms in the community….just to say, “you are not alone!”

In November it was time again for our Supermarket Sweep. For the 4th straight year, we went to Owens (local grocery store) and emptied their shelves to fill the local food pantries. To see an outburst of generosity that played part in giving away over $22,000 in groceries and baby products was simply staggering. To see our church family stubbornly refuse to do nothing while people in our city go hungry was priceless.

But the year was even more exciting as we got to see the dream of this church come to life beyond the borders of the nation.

The Lord called us to partner with a church launch in one of the poorest cities in Haiti. When we called the church to breathe life into that work, there was no hesitation. You all exhaled generosity and before long our Haitian brothers and sisters had their own piece of land on which to gather. In addition, there are over a hundred kids who meet there weekly for a kids club. How awesome is that?

In October, Hither & Yon (our home decor store) got creative and worked to put on a mega sale-event that brought in over $14,000!!! And because of that, we are now able to put 14 Zambian kids all the way through high school…kids who otherwise would have no opportunity for an education.

And the stories go on and on.

We celebrate the ways the Lord has let us live this dream. To those of you gave generously of your time and resources- THANK YOU for helping to make the dream of Mission Point a reality.

As we look to 2015, we are full of anticipation that The Lord will only grow our family and its local and global reach. Will you partner with us and help us do even more to show and share Christ?

How to Partner:

Year-End giving is huge for non-profit organizations and churches, and we are no different. We want to end 2014 well while launching into all that God has laid on our hearts for 2015.

To join us and receive tax-deductible credit for 2014 you can may contribute financially to Mission Point through Sunday offerings, giving online or by mail (P.O. Box 395, Winona Lake, IN 46590). Contributions given online or post marked by December 31st will be attributed to 2014 giving. Giving statements will be mailed by the end of January 2015.

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