CE National

Our new ministry home!

FAQs about the CE National Initiative

What is the address of the CE National grounds? 

The property is located at 1003 Presidential Drive in Winona Lake, Indiana 46590. It is directly adjacent to Grace College & Seminary's campus. 

Will Sunday services be held at this new property? 

No, we will continue to meet for our worship services at the Warsaw Performing Arts Center (1 Tiger Lane, Warsaw, Indiana 46580). This property will meet our non-Sunday morning facility needs. 

What will the property be used for weekly? 

Currently, it is already being rented by our MP Students ministry, allowing our youth to gather on Sunday evenings. Our staff is eager to have designated office space for weekly meetings, Sunday preparation, personal workspace, and ease in meeting with people in our MP Family. We are also eager to have a centralized place for Bible studies, outreach events and connection with the church family. We have a lot of dreams and hopes but are trying to focus on the initial transition before committing to anything specifically. 

Is the entire property ours? 

A building that was formerly part of the CE National campus (called the Feather Center) is not part of our property. Some of the office space will continue to house a few remaining CE National staff as well as a couple of outside renters. The property we will be purchasing includes one conference center (the Russell Center), two office buildings and two outbuildings for storage purposes. 

CE buildings

Can I rent the Russell Center for my upcoming wedding or special event? 

We realize the Russell Center is a wonderful venue for special events. We are now making the Russell Center (which we are now calling the Event Center) available to rent for special occasions. To inquire about availability and rates, please visit this page

Will Mission Point purchase or build in the future to have a facility that meets the needs of Sunday services? 

At this time we are responding to God's leading for this particular property. Our Leadership Team is continually availing themselves to the Lord's direction regarding current and future ministry plans. 

Are there updates or changes needing to be made to the property to make it usable for Mission Point's ministry needs? 

We are incredibly grateful for the current options and future opportunities this property affords. We have partnered with Building God's Way for the past few years to evaluate and investigate various facility possibilities. While we will begin functioning within the space on a day to day basis by June, we look forward to continued consultation with Building God's Way to best determine how to invest in the buildings for current and future ministry purposes. 

Does Mission Point have a ministry relationship with CE National? 

No, we do not have any official relationship with CE National (now called Momentum Ministry Partners). As most of their staff relocated to Ohio, the property became available. Both the leadership of Momentum Ministry Partners and Mission Point are so grateful God is allowing ministry to continue on these grounds that have been used by the Lord to impact thousands of lives through the faithfulness of CE National. We are honored to pick up the mantle of their obedience to God's call. We are incredibly thankful for the warmth and collaboration we have experienced working together through this property purchasing process. 

How can we help the Leadership Team during this time of transition? 

  • PRAY - We are confident this is where God is leading us, but we also know the enemy likes to distract us from the direction God has given us. Please pray for wisdom, unity and discernment. 
  • GIVE - God has and is continually supplying our needs! Your generosity will enable us to continue ministry uninterrupted and more quickly equip the space for ongoing mission! You may give to the CE National Initiative on our secure online portal or by mailing contributions to: Mission Point Community Church, P.O. Box 395, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590. 
  • VOLUNTEER - We are still in the process of determining the timing of our settling in process, what initial work (cleaning, painting, etc.) may be needed before we physically begin occupying the space, etc. We do know there will be big and small tasks ahead of us as we centralize our team and our possessions from various storage and remote areas over the past year. You can let us know of your interest to help by completing this form