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At Mission Point, we believe that an essential function of the Church is to care for each other in love. Whether celebrating the birth of a new child or mourning the loss of a loved one, we desire to see our people cared for in meaningful ways.

Care in Community: When we are involved in community, it becomes natural to support each other during times of need. Our Missional Communities, or small groups, are charged with the important call to care for their members beyond regular meeting times. Sign up to join a Missional Community here.

The Care Team: Our Care Team attends to the needs of those within Mission Point who aren’t currently in a Missional Community. In the midst of life circumstances in which additional care is needed (illness, grief, the birth of a child, or single parenting), our Care Team comes alongside our people and extends the love of Christ.


When times are hard and life is full, it’s hard to exaggerate the importance of the support of the church family. Our Care Team is filled with compassionate individuals who would love to visit, sit down, talk, and pray in the midst of such times. Fill out this form to make us aware of a visitation need.


Meal Provision

Sometimes, when life gets hard, day-to-day tasks like cooking can feel like more than you can handle. That’s when our Care Team can step in and provide support in a simple and tangible way. If you’re in a season in which a few extra meals would provide much-needed relief, let us know.


Counseling Care

In the midst of difficult life circumstances, Jesus can use the skills of a counselor and the safety of a session to equip clients and point them to Jesus. At Mission Point, we strive to assist those in our church in need of counseling from a local agency who do not have the financial means to receive it.

Apply here for Counseling Care Financial Assistance.

Financial Assistance

The purpose of Mission Point’s Care Fund is to provide financial aid to an individual with an urgent financial need within the Mission Point Church Body. Requests are evaluated based upon need as well as current resources available.

If you are in need of financial aid and would like to request the church’s assistance, apply here.


Mission Point’s Prayer Team is committed to lifting up our church and community in prayer consistently throughout the week.

If you have a prayer request you’d like to share with our Prayer Team, let us know here.

To join our Prayer Team, apply here.

Single Parents Team

Life as a single parent holds special challenges, and we have a team of people committed to coming alongside single parents in our church.  We are excited to announce our new Single Parent Group, which will meet quarterly at 4:30 p.m. at the Warsaw Performing Arts Center. The group’s first meeting is Sunday, May 19.
Learn more and sign up for this group here.

Contact the Care Team

To speak with a member of the Care Team regarding a time of need, please email Olivia Burkholder: