Have a Share, Play a Part: The Canaan Campaign

We have the incredible privilege of playing a part in seeing a church launched in Canaan – a desolate desert region, located roughly 12 miles north of the Haitian capital. Our partner-pastor is an uncommon 35-year old national named Moise. Our Mission Coordinator, Jamie Koser, describes him well when she says, “His heart oozes, in the most beautiful way, for broken and hurting people around him. The passion you see in his eyes as he explains his dream of offering these lovely people hope and a future, would make you want to follow him wherever he’d take you.”

Moise and his wife, Magda, convinced of the Lord’s calling, plan on relocating from their home in Port-au-Prince to Canaan in the coming months. But in the meantime, determined to be among the people they have grown to love, they are going to great length to be in Canaan as much as possible. For Moise that means traveling from his current home in Port-au-Prince to his heart-home in Canaan several times a week (because, in his words, “a pastor must be with his people!”). His regular trek is a grueling 2-hour round trip that requires riding 10 different taxis i.e. the backs of crammed pick-up trucks. But he gladly does so and happily pays the costly $6 fare for the chance to build relationships and sow into the work of seeing a movement born in the most unlikely of places. As a result of his faithfulness, a small group of brothers and sisters has started meeting together regularly. But, with no place to call their own, those meetings are taking place on an unsafe and uncomfortable rugged roadside. That’s where we come in.

Church, we can help change that. We can make a difference that will ripple far into eternity. We can make this partnership more than just words by adding our generosity to their giant faith. We can help hope rise in Canaan. How? Glad you asked.

Our goal is to help purchase a plot of land that this budding church can call their own…a piece of property that we trust will soon become a great center of light to that community. And while we are at it, we want to help purchase a motorcycle to enable our brother Moise to more freely travel and be with his people.

So, on Sunday, June 8th we launched The Canaan Campaign. We invited the Mission Point Community Church family to “Have a Share & Play a Part.” Some creative folks built a lego structure to represent the piece of property we want to purchase in Canaan. They also put together a jigsaw puzzle picturing a motorcycle like the one we would like to purchase for Moise.

Canaan Campaign - Land  Canaan Campaign - Motorcycle

Each lego/jigsaw piece has an assigned dollar amount. As you grab one…two…more…you agree to give the corresponding amount towards these key purchases. We ask that you take the piece(s) as a reminder that you got to Play a Part and Have a Share in the kingdom work of Canaan. Those pieces can also serve as reminders to pray for heaven to touch down on that property and through the work of Moise. Will you play a part?

For those of you who already have, THANK YOU. For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity, you can do so in either service this coming Sunday. If for some reason you are unable to be at church this weekend, click here to give online. Be sure to email abe@missionpoint.net to let us know your donation is intended for The Canaan Campaign. (NOTE: you can retrieve your lego/puzzle piece next time you are with us!)

And, listen!! If there is any doubt that your generosity is making a real difference in the lives of real people in real need, just listen to the words of Moise in this short clip below.

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